Shopi Automation

Shopi supports automation via the x-callback-url mechanism. You can use the commands documented below to automate Shopi from tools that support x-callback-url, such as Launch Center and Drafts.

When list names are used in a command, if there is more than one list with the given name, the first one is chosen.

Show All Lists

Ensure the main display is showing the view showing all shopping lists.


Show A List

Show the shopping list named list-name.


Create A List

Create add a new list named list-name.


Add List Item

Add an item to list-name (or the currently displayed list if not specified), with name item-name, and optional amount and crossed settings (crossed may be “yes” or “no”).


Clear List Items

Clear items from a list named list-name, either all items, or only crossed items when crossed-only is “yes”.