You give the orders

Don’t fuss organising items by aisle and section just to have them in the order you want: simply put your items in the order you like, and Shopi will learn and add them in the same order next time.


Share a list with your partner, housemate, fellow party organisers, etc., and it will update instantly for all when anybody adds, crosses out, and deletes items.

Shopi is for team players

Hit the Go Shopping button and instantly notify others that they’ve got a last chance to add items – or just know the shopping’s been taken care of.

Go Shopping uses your phone’s GPS to locate the shop you’re at, lets the people you share with see where you’re shopping, and automatically turns itself off when you leave.

Pocket lock makes shopping easier

Put your phone in your pocket or bag while grabbing an item and Shopi will lock the screen until you get it out again — no need to constantly lock & unlock your phone while you’re shopping. (requires iPhone)

Add items to your lists in a flash

Hit the add item button, type the first few letters, and Shopi will intelligently suggest items based on what you’ve bought before, and how often.

You can view all your previous items, show the most common ones you buy, and star favourites to prioritise them when adding them again.

Cloud backup

All your lists, preferences and favourite items are backed up online: Shopi won’t forget all about you if you change phones or use multiple devices.

Shopping lists are not to-do lists

Shopi is focused solely on being great for shopping: it doesn't try to be a general list-making or todo app also.

Designed to be pleasing

Shopi is a clean, native iOS app. It features graphic styling by Matt Kelsh, the designer behind the beautiful visuals in Pocket Casts and Pocket Weather Australia.