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What Does Shopi Cost?

Shopi is free to download. It comes with a 30-day complimentary subscription, after which it becomes Ad-supported, with the option to buy additional subscription time if you like Shopi and wish to go Ad-free.

Why Should I Subscribe?

If you enjoy Shopi, subscribing removes advertising and supports Shopi’s ongoing development and maintenance. We’re planning to add subscriber access to shopping lists from a web browser, auto-import items from recipes, auto-renewing items, and many more ideas – supporting Shopi will help us bring them to you.

Unlike some free apps we do not, and never will, sell information about our customers as part of our business. Our motto is simple: make clever and delightful apps, and charge a fair, sustainable price.

How Can I Share A List With Shopi?

To share a list with another person using Shopi:

Can I Use Shopi Offline?

Yes, you can use Shopi offline without sharing any information with us if you wish. In offline mode there is no way for us to provide subscriptions, so when your free subscription expires Shopi will become Ad-supported. You may choose at any time to register and subscribe and go Ad free.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?

Our privacy policy can be summed in one sentence: we do not share your personal information with others.

We also guarantee never to spam your email address. On rare occasions we may send you email if there’s important news about Shopi and your account appears to be active: please contact us to opt out of receiving email from us altogether.

You can see our privacy policy in detail here.

Why Don’t You Use A Password For Login?

We don’t expect you to remember yet another password just for Shopi (or worse, reuse one you use elsewhere). Instead, we email you a single-use password, and Shopi then generates a secure login for you behind the scenes.

We think the small extra effort of accessing your email the first time you run Shopi is worth it for the simplicity and security it provides. But we’re interested to hear if this isn’t the case for you: please contact support if you have any feedback.

How Can I Automate Shopi?

Shopi supports automation via the x-callback-url mechanism. The Shopi automation API is documented on the Automation page.